Amanda Wallace
Artist & Interior Designer 

“I have always loved old buildings and their interiors.  There is just something about the natural color palettes created by time.  All of my pieces are created from this fascination.”

It’s not far from home where Amanda finds the inspiration to create. She is inspired by architecture and design and the role that nature plays on the process.
Having grown up in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia she was surrounded by beautiful historic buildings naturally weathered by the sea. She was drawn not only to the texture and patterns but also by the stories they told. As a child, it captivated her to start experimenting and reusing material in a multitude of creations inside her own childhood home.
Her fascination grew as she completed studies in both Interior Decorating and Interior Design.
In 2008 Amanda moved to Calgary where she currently resides.
After many years working in Calgary’s design industry she felt a longing for home. She started creating pieces of art that reflected the aging interiors she grew up with. As she grew in experience and creativity, she began experimenting with material she found on job sites. In 2016 she enrolled in an abstract art class at the Alberta College of Art and Design.
As Amanda develops as an artist her work can still be distinguished by its simplicity. Each piece simple, yet full of the complexity of individual stories acquired from the past. She creates a clean form of abstract art focusing on the power of color and texture. Her pieces are created using acrylic mediums, graphite, ink, paper, plaster, resin and wax. Each color is selected precisely, only using a few shades.
Amanda believes that it can be the old and forgotten that can leave the biggest impact on our souls. A call to come back to our roots, a way to see a glimpse into our past and to our ancestors that came before. In a world where the art of storytelling is disappearing, Amanda creates her pieces in a way that allows you to envision the story enfold in front of you, layer by layer, bringing you back to another time and place.