Let’s work together!

The only person that needs to love your home is you.  Here at Design by Amanda we work with you to create your individual style.  We believe your home should be a reflection of you and you should be involved in the process.  Our approach is minimalistic and we focus on creating a sense of wholehearted living, rather than a particular style.

Design by Amanda specializes in Interior Redesign. Interior Redesign is the act of redesigning your space without doing a full Renovation or full furniture/accessory plan. We typically only need to purchase a few new items and reuse what you already have.  Saving you time, money and our environment.

We offer full home or individual Room packages that can be completed on your own or with the full time help of an Interior Designer.  All packages start with an in-home consultation and come with follow up support. 

DbA currently focuses on 2 areas of Redesign:

Interior Styling:  We selectively add and remove items from your home to create a more stylish and functional space. We believe Original Artwork and Custom Prints are the missing design element that create a sense of warmth within a home.  Without handmade items you are missing the wholehearted living we strive for. 

Renovation Redesign: Updating your homes Interior Finishes – Carpet, Flooring, Kitchen & Bathroom Tiles.  We work with your existing layout and update the finishes making it a cost-effective way to update your home without fully changing the space.

DbA was Established in 2019 by principal Interior Designer Amanda Wallace in Calgary, AB.  Originally from the Coast she was surrounded by historic architecture and natural color palettes created by the sea.  Her home wasn’t organized, it had no “style”, it was simply lived in with family and friends. As a child she loved Interior Design and would spend hours creating and rearranging her family’s home. “I would try and create what I seen on Design Shows using what my family already had.  I was very lucky to have parents that allowed me full creative power to do anything.”

When Amanda isn’t creating, she is spending time with her dog, hiking in the mountains or looking for her next family vacation.  Life is best spend living simply

Amanda has been working in Calgary’s Design Industry for over 13 years. She studied Interior Design & Interior Decorating at CAC college in Halifax, NS and Home Staging at Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB.