Amanda Wallace, Artist BIO

“I love historic architecture and the aging process created by our environment. There is just something about the natural color palettes and texture that fascinate me.”

All of my Pieces are created by this fascination

Amanda grew up in the Annapolis Valley, NS, Canada. She was surround by historic architecture and unique rock formations created by The Bay of Fundy. Not only was she drawn to the natural color and texture palettes, but the stories they told. As a result of her heritage, her inspiration to create was formed.

As her fascination grew she completed studies in Interior Designed. After her completion of school she moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2008 where she currently resides.

While working in Calgary’s design industry Amanda felt a longing for home. She started creating pieces of art that reflected the architecture and sea she grew up with. Initially, she created for herself for the purpose and joy it gave her. In addition she enrolled in an abstract art class at the Alberta University of the Arts in 2017.

As Amanda develops as an artist her work can still be distinguished by its combination of color and texture. Each piece simple, yet full of individual layers.

Amanda believes our historic architecture and landmarks are what leave the biggest impact on our souls. A call to come back to our roots, a way to see a glimpse into our past and to our ancestors before.

In a world where the Art of Storytelling is disappearing, Amanda creates her pieces in a way that allows you to envision the story enfold in front of you, layer by layer, bringing you back to another time and place.

Amanda Wallace

Abstract Painting – 2017 – Alberta University of Art & Design