Design Services

Few of us have homes as immaculate as those seen in magazines.  We have children, Pets, Busy schedules and budgets to consider.  We simply do not have the stamina to keep our homes in a constant state of perfection. 

 Here at Design by Amanda we work with you to create your perfectly imperfect style.  We believe your home should be a reflection of you and you should be involved in the process.  Our approach is minimalistic and we focus on creating a sense of wholehearted living, rather than a particular style. 

“Minimalism is not the lack of something, it is the perfect mix of something”

Everyone has different needs and budgets and for this reason we offer a few different pricing packages.  Depending on the level of help you need we can tailor each to fit your needs.  We offer a simply select your package option when filling out your new client intake form. If you are still unsure, please book a Discovery Call for more information.


Hourly or Full-Service Interior Styling

With so much variety these days the search for anything new can be overwhelming.  In the end you settle for something as you are frustrated with the amount of work involved or you simply get stuck putting it all together.  We work in partnership with you to offer innovative and desirable results to suit your taste and budget.  This Minimizes the endless possibilities saving you time, money and frustration. 


Creating your Happy Place starts here!

From inspiration to installation, we can help you plan your next renovation project. We work in partnership with Contempa Floors who haves over 50 years experience.  Unlike a full Renovation, by redesigning your space we are able to offer a more cost affective way of update your Home.  We can often use the same layout and structure saving you time and construction fees.   We will help you select new interior finishes such as carpet, hardwood, Luxury vinyl, Floor tile, Kitchen backsplash, Bathroom Vanity & Shower tiles, Countertop & cabinets. 

Fill out the above Inquiry Form or Contact us today to ask about our 2 Hour In-Home Consultation. As an extra bonus if your renovation project is over $5000 Contempa will credit the initial Design Consultation toward your final project cost.